Watts Minimix TMV Kit


Specific thermostatic mixing valve for point of use control requiring an aesthetic environment. Designed to supply sinks, hand washbasins or electronic faucets with immediate tempered water not exceeding a temperature set (factory preset: 38°C). MINIMIXing provides high security level against scalding and Legionella bacteria. Applications in communities or in bathrooms: hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, restaurants, laboratories, motorway services... anywhere needing an excellent temperature management, particularly on startup of flow.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Extra compact size
  • Aesthetic design with brass body chrome polished
  • Temperature set secured by hexagonal socket screw (Allen key)
  • Easy to replace modular adjustment mechanism (cartridge)
  • Graduated ring inside the body for temperature control by the installer or user
  • Incorporated stainless steel filters, integrated in the thermostatic cartridge



  • Maximum working pressure – 1000 kPa
  • Minimum working pressure – 100 kPa
  • Recommended working pressure from 200 to 400 kPa
  • Max. pressure difference between hot and cold water 150 kPa
  • Minimum difference between input temperatures 10°C
  • Maximum hot water temperature 85°C
  • Setting range from 30 to 70°C
  • Factory preset temperature 38°C
  • Flow under 300 kPa 28 l/min
  • Minimum flow 5 l/min

Product Codes

TMV-MINI-KIT      1/2” (15x21) Male flat sealings



  • Cartridge can be removed and replaced (for easier scale removal and disinfecting)
  • Integral approved check-valves avoid connection risk between cold and hot water (withstanding temperatures above 90°C)
  • Thermal shock: simply remove the protective cover and set the temperature with the Allen key to maximum hot position to allow hot water to circulate (kills bacteria above 60°C)
  • The valve is delivered with a rinsing cover kit: after removed the cartridge and place the rinsing cover kit, you can flush the valves with a disinfectant solution or with a water temperature up to 90°C without danger of damaging the thermostatic mechanism

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