Tempering Valve 15/20mm


High and low pressure hot water systems.
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely high flow rates (20 L/min at only 2 metre head) makes the valve (TV20) suitable for both high and low pressure installations.
  • Valve can be installed in any orientation
  • Failsafe shutdown - In the event of failure of hot or cold supplies.
  • Tamperproof cap - less call outs for readjustment by plumber (TV20TP)
  • Forged, high quality, corrosion resistant DR brass body.
  • Machined, assembled and 100% tested in NZ.
  • Advanced temperature control - ideal for direct connection to a sanitary fixture e.g. hand basin (TV15P)




    • Sizes
TV15, TV15P Inlet: 15mm male, 1/2′ BSP
Outlet: 15mm male, 1/2′ BSP
TV20 Inlet: 20mm male, 3/4′ BSP
Outlet: 20mm male, 3/4′ BSP
TV12 Inlet Cold: 12mm John Guest filtting
Inlet hot: 15mm 1/2′ BSP
Outlet: 12mm John Guest Fitting
    • Length:
TV15 110mm
TV15P   110mm
TV20, TV20P 105mm
TV12 110mm
  • Factory set to give 55°C outlet. Can be adjusted from 35°C to 60°C.
  • Maximum inlet temperature 99°C
  • Stored water temperature must be at least 10°C above the Tempering valve setting and over 60°C (G12)
  • Inlet Pressures:TV15,TV15P 30 to 1000 kPa (3m head)TV20,TV20D,TV20TP 20 to 1000 kPa (2m head)
  • Flow Rates:TV15 20 L/min at 30 kPa inlet pressureTV15P 9 L/min at 30 kPa inlet pressreTV20,TV20D,TV20TP 20 L/min at 20 kPa inlet pressure
  • Operating Pressure:Balanced hot and cold pressure. For unequal water pressure of up to 5:1 (Cold:Hot), non-return must be fitted to hot inlet.

Flow Chart

Product Codes

TV15 15mm (Non-return on both inlets)
TV15P 15mm Point of use Tempering Valve
TV20 20mm
TV20D 20mm Ring Main installation (Non-return both inlets)
TV20TP 20mm Tamper Proof
TV12 15mm BSP Host
12mm John Guest speed Fit cold and Mix

Installation & Servicing


  • Refer Technical Section for installation guide
  • Valve must be fitted by a qualified plumber
  • Installation must comply with local authority requirements
  • Valve may be installed in any orientation
  • Flush pipes prior to fitting
  • Valve must be protected by line strainer
  • Non-return vales are required at hot and cold inlets in Ring Main Installations
  • Connections are H (hot inlet), C (cold inlet) and OUT (mixed temperature outlet)
  • Do not apply heat near the valve during installation - this may damage the mechanism.
  • Do NOT install valve directly onto outlet of cylinder
  • 1 m MIN copper pipe length from cylinder to tempering valve, THIS IS MANDATORY REQUIREMENT OF G12.
Typical TV15P hand basin installation tempering_valve_basin_installation



  • Complies with NZ building Code G12 (2001)
  • Complies with NZS 4617:1989
  • NZ Patent No. 517764, Aust. Patent No. 2003200856 RSA. Patent No. 2003/1992

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