Technical Drawings

To aid in determining the overall size, shape and dimensions of our products we have provided links to a set of technical drawings below.

All drawings are available in Metric, with Imperial measurements for U.S. spec products where applicable, and are in PDF file format of approximately 100 – 150 KB in size.

Plumbing Control Valves
Type Product Code Metric US Spec
Plumbing Control Vales Filter Stop & Non-Returns (3 in 1) FS-15 pdf N/A
FS-20 pdf N/A
Pressure Limiting Valves LV-15 pdf N/A
LV-20 pdf N/A
LV-25 pdf N/A
LV-32 pdf N/A
LVT-15 pdf N/A
LVT-20 pdf N/A
LSV-20 pdf N/A
Honeywell Valves Pressure Limiting LV pdf N/A
Expansion EV pdf N/A
Cold Water Expansion EVT-LP pdf N/A
EVT-HP pdf N/A
Pressure Relief RV pdf N/A
Tempering TV-12 pdf N/A
TV-15 pdf N/A
TV-20 pdf N/A
TV-120D pdf N/A
Non-Return NR-15 pdf N/A
NR-20 pdf N/A
Isolating Non-Return INR-15 pdf N/A
Accessories Vacuum Breaks RAVB-15M-20F pdf N/A
RAVB-20M-20F pdf N/A
RAVB-20M-25F pdf N/A
Flow Regulators FR-15 pdf N/A
FR-A pdf N/A
Urn Tap UT-15 pdf N/A

Appliance Protection (Filtamate)
Type Product Code Metric US Spec
FiltaMate® FM pdf N/A
FM-12 pdf N/A
FMP pdf N/A
FMP-3/8 pdf N/A
FMCS-12 pdf N/A

Rainwater Harvesting
Type Product Code Metric US Spec
Rainwater Harvisting VisiBall pdf N/A
RainAid® RA-20 pdf pdf
Type Product Code Metric US Spec
Water Tanks & Reservoirs BigBoy BB-32 pdf N/A
BB-40 pdf N/A
BB-50 pdf N/A
Pump Buddy PB-20 pdf pdf
PB-25 pdf pdf
PB-32 pdf pdf
PBLT-20 pdf pdf
PBLT-25 pdf pdf
Reservoir Valve RES-32 pdf pdf
RES-40 pdf pdf
RES-50 pdf pdf
Large Troughs XtraFlo® XF-20 pdf pdf
XF-25 pdf pdf
XF-32 pdf pdf
XFLT-20 pdf pdf
XFLT-25 pdf pdf
XFTE-20 pdf pdf
XFTE-25 pdf pdf
XFTE-32 pdf pdf
Xcess AXS-25-20 pdf pdf
AXSLT-25-20 pdf pdf
Medium Troughs Acetyl Full Flow APT-15 pdf pdf
APT-20 pdf pdf
APT-25 pdf pdf
Acetyl Full Flow Long Tail APT-LT-20 pdf pdf
APT-LT-25 pdf pdf
Brass Full Flow ABT-20 pdf pdf
69 & 72 Full Flow 69 72-20 pdf pdf
69 72-25 pdf pdf
220 & 225 High/Low 220-15 pdf pdf
220-20 pdf pdf
220 Plastic High/Low 220P-15 pdf pdf
220P-20 pdf pdf
220P-25 pdf pdf
Space Saver SS-15 pdf pdf
SS-20 pdf pdf
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