Trough & Tank Valves


Our range of float valves offering both fixed arm and armless options, covers the full range of float valve requirements. From the simple piston and washer valve to the full-flow diaphragm activated design the Apex float valves share similar attributes – namely robust construction, proven 30 years reliability and full back-up service.


In areas where the temperature can be lower than 1°C (minimum service temperature) trough valves must be installed as bottom or side entry but NOT top entry. Tank valves such as BigBoy/BigAL, PumpBuddy and RainAid must be insulated to protect the valve where the temperature can get below 1°C (minimum service temperature).


Water Tank & Reservoir Valves


Large & Medium Trough Valves

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Medium & Small Trough Valves

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Service Kits, Accessories & Parts

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