Limiting Stop Valve 20mm


High (mains) pressure systems.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Compact 4 in 1 Valve - Limiting, Isolation, Non-return and Filter all in one.
  • Pressure compensated to give constant outlet pressure regardless of inlet pressure.
  • Extremely high flow rates up to 135 L/min at 700 kPa inlet pressure.
  • No tools required to service valve, all valve seats and piston are contained in the easy replaceable cartridge (VALVE DOES NOT NEED REASSEMBLING to clean filter).
  • Removal of cartridge will not affect the set pressures - all valve seats are contained within the cartridge.
  • Valve is adjustable 200 - 600 kPa simply with Philips screw driver.
  • Can be installed outside (with cartridge down).
  • Machined Assembled, and 100% tested in NZ.
  • Forged, high quality, corrosion resistant DR brass body.
  • No pipe unions, no leaks.



  • LSV 20    Inlet: 20mm, 3/4"BSP(male)

                       Outlet: 20mm, 3/4"BSP(male)
  • Length: 140mm
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 2000 kPa
  • Maximun temperature: 65°C
  • Integral 60 mesh (250 micron) filter.
Pressure Limiting valves

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Product Codes

LSV 20-350       350 kPa (use with EVT500) LSV 20-500       500 kPa (use with EVT700)

Installation & Servicing


  • Refer Technical Section for installation guide.
  • Do NOT install Limiting Valve in the ground.
  • Do NOT apply heat near during installation.
  • Install so that both hot and cold supplies are balanced.
  • Can be installed in any orientation. For external application, cartridge must be bottom.
  • Must be installed with correct Expansion Valve.
  • To adjust outlet pressure remove blue cap at the end of the cartridge. Inset large Phillips screw driver, turn adjusting screw clockwise to increase (1 turn = 60kPa).


Filter must be cleaned regularly.



  • Complies with NZ building Code G12 (2001)
  • Complies with NZ 4607:1989
  • Valves manufactured to NZS 4608:1992
  • Cartridge Watermarked AS1357.2 LICWMKA 02596

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