220P Plastic High/Low Valve


Due to the compact nature of the valve this is ideally suited to troughs with confined inlet compartments. this valve has the added advantage of a barbed outlet for connection to a hose or silencer tube.



Working pressure Low Pressure 0 - 500 kPa [0 - 70psi]
High Pressure 0 - 1400 kPa [0 - 200psi]
Length 295mm overall including the float
  • Minimum temperature: 1˚C.
  • In areas where the temperature can be lower than 1°C (minimum service temperature) trough valves must be installed as bottom or side entry but NOT top entry.
  • Maximum temperature: 60˚C.
  • Inserted seat to cover different inlet pressures.
  • Supplied with high pressure seat fitted (up to 1400 kPa [200psi] working pressure).
  • With seat removed, the valve is suitable for low to medium pressure (up to 500 kPa [70psi] working pressure).
  • Tools for seat removal clipped to brass arm.
  • Pivot webbed for extra strength.
  • Barbed outlet to allow addition of hose/silencer tube.
  • ½", ¾" and 1" long tail sizes.
  • A cap is supplied for the end of the valve (if required).
  • Acetyl construction - non corrosive materials.

Flow Chart

Product Codes

220P15 15mm (½" BSP) Plastic
220P20 20mm (¾" BSP) Plastic
220P25 25mm (1" BSP) Plastic

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