Large troughs, high demand - Full flow designed for fast filling of large troughs. Unique camlock compatible outlet allows for convenient water supply for many jobs around the farm!
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Highest flow rate of any 25mm sleeve valve on the market for fast filling of high demand troughs (500 L/min at 1200 kPa)
  • Camlock compatible outlet enables convenient water supply for numerous jobs around the farm including break feeding/strip grazing.
  • Arm can be locked shut to stop flow allowing for fitting of camlock or cleaning of trough.
  • Plunger is removable without removing arm meaning the valve can be serviced without tools in seconds.
  • Divergent nozzle outlet for quiet operation.
  • Included 25mm/20mm inlet adapter means no need to carry two valve sizes.
  • Includes cord and nipple to protect valve from stock damage.
  • Long tail version available for thin walled troughs.
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Pressure Range 0 - 1200 kPa [0 - 175psi]
  • 25mm inlet (25/20mm blue adapter included).
  • Uses 150mm float.
  • Maximum temperature: 60˚C.
  • Minimum temperature: 1˚C.
In areas where the temperature can be lower than 1°C (minimum service temperature) trough valves must be installed as bottom or side entry but NOT top entry.
  • New Zealand Pat. No. NZ595205B
  • Australian Pat. No. AU2012216270B2
  • New Zealand Des. No. NZ Des.415938
  • Australia Des. Nos. AU341756S and AU341760S

Product Codes

XS25/20 25mm (1" BSP) inlet [25/20mm adaptor included].
XSLT25/20 Long Tail 25mm (1" BSP) inlet [25/20mm adaptor included].

Installation & Servicing


Camlock compatibility requires top entry troughs or 150mm minimum clearance from trough bottom.





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  • New Zealand Des. App. No. 415938
  • Australian Patent No. 653422
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