Large Hose Nozzles

AHN40 Large Nozzle 40mm Anka Hose Nozzles have been designed for a wide range of uses. The large bore 40mm and 32mm being widely accepted in the farm and dairying industry. The extra water volume moves solids quickly and efficiently. Using high quality industrial plastics, the Anka hose nozzles give greater impact resistance.


  • Dairy wash-down
  • Truck wash
  • Yard wash-down
  • Fire fighting
  • Meat works
  • Marine

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Uniquely designed outer ring; which protects the nozzle from high impact and excessive wear.
  • Quick Action on/off; for complete control
  • Fully adjustable; wide spray pattern to a full bore flow.
  • Serviceable; nozzles can be taken apart for servicing. Service kits available.



Body : Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon
O Ring : Nitrile Rubber
Nut & Bolt : 302 Stainless Steel
Threads: BSPT
Recommended Lubricant: Rocol MX22 Silicone Grease

Maximum Working Pressure : 7 bar (700 kpa – 100 psi) @ 20°c

Product Codes

Sizes Available:

Hose Nozzles
     AHNS 20            20mm (3/4")
     AHNS 25
           25mm (1")
     AHNS 32
           32mm (11/4")
     AHN 32
           32mm (11/4")
     AHN 40
           40mm (11/2")
     AHNT20            Trigger 20mm

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