Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Where is the best place to install the Filterstop?
A. Ideally, the valve should be fitted in a position so as to protect all downstream tapware and fittings, therefore where the main enters the building is the best place to install the valve. The valve may also be installed in any orientation although Apex recommends the filter bowl (cap) down so that any sediment is easily cleaned out.

Q. Can the Limiting Valve be installed in the ground?
A. No, the valve must be open to atmosphere, installing in the ground may result in reduced flow rates.

Q. Can the Relief Valve be installed on it’s side?
A. Yes, as long as the relief drain falls continuously to the outlet.

Q. Can valves cause water hammer?
A. No. Shut off devises such as single lever taps and solenoid valves are the cause. The water hammer is arrested at the non-return and the next upstream valve. A water hammer arrester at the source will prevent this.

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