Honeywell Pressure Limiting & Expansion Valves


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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits - Honeywell Pressure Limiting Valves

  • Pressures easily adjusted by simple loosening screw and turning knob.
  • Corrosion resistant DR (dezincification resistant) Brass with spring located outside the flow.
  • Integral filter and optimised flow path around the valve seat - valve is not sensitive to debris.
  • High quality synthetic valve seat - not sensitive to scaling.
  • Filter can be replaced and cleaned without removing valve from pipe work.
  • Constructed and noise resistance tested to German DVGW and UK WRc guidelines.
  • Can be used for water, other non-aggressive liquids, compressed air and for Nitrogen.
  • Complete with test ports for pressure gauge.
  • Hot water conversion available to maximum 70°C (with brass filter bowl fitted).

Features and Benefits - Honeywell Cold Water Expansion Valves

  • Energy saving valve - relieves cold water rather than hot, saving electricity
  • Forged, high quality, corrosion resistant DR brass body.


Specifications - Honeywell Pressure Limiting Valves

LV25 Inlet 25mm, 1" BSP (male)
Outlet 25mm, 1" BSP (male)
Length 180mm
LV32 Inlet 32mm,  1 ¼" BSP (male)
Outlet 32mm, 1 ¼" BSP (male)
Length 200mm
LV40 Inlet 40mm, 1 ½" BSP (male)
Outlet 40mm, 1 ½" BSP (male)
Length 225mm
LV50 Inlet 50mm, 2" BSP (male)
Outlet 50mm, 2" BSP (male)
Length 255mm
  • Outlet pressure factory set to: 400 kPa
  • Adjustable outlet pressure: 150 - 600 kPa
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 2500 kPa
  • Maximum temperature: 40°C
  • Sizes to 200mm available on request.

Specifications - Honeywell Cold Water Expansion Valves

EV25 Inlet 25mm, 1" BSP (female)
Outlet 32mm, 1 ¼" BSP (female)
EV32 Inlet 32mm, 1 ¼" BSP (female)
Outlet 40mm, 1 ½" BSP (female)
  • Maximum temperature 90°C
  • DR (Dezincification Resistant) brass.
  • Made in Germany.

Flow Chart

Sectional View

d06fa-ge23-szbwxres-0205mu_original sm152-ge23-szbwxres-0105mu_original-[Converted]

Product Codes - Honeywell Pressure Limiting Valves

Apex Honeywell
LV25 D06F-1A 25mm
LV32 D06F-1¼A 32mm
LV40 D06F-1½A 40mm
LV50 D06F-2A 50mm
</ul> &nbsp; <h2>Product Codes - Honeywell Cold Water Expansion Valves</h2> <ul>
Apex Honeywell
EV25-800 SM 152-1AB 800 kPa
EV32-800 SM 152-1¼AB 800 kPa


Standards - Honeywell Pressure Limiting Valves

  • WRc - UK
  • DVGW - Germany
  • Complies with NZ Building Code G12 (2001)

Standards - Honeywell Cold Water Expansion Valves

  • TRD 721
  • Complies with NZ Building Code G12 (2001)

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