Filter Stop & Non-Return (3 in 1)


  • Low and high (mains) pressure systems
  • Any application where filter, non-return and isolating valve are required
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Compact 3-in-1 valve (filter, isolation and non-return) with high flow rates
  • No tools required to service the valve, all servicing is done with supply on
  • Forged, high quality and corrosion resistant DR (Dezincification Resistant) brass body
  • Machined, assembled and 100% tested in N.Z




  • 60 mesh (250 micron), stainless steel filter
  • Non-return check valve cartridge
  • Maximum inlet pressure:
    • Plastic Cap: 1000 kPa [145psi] @ 40°C
    • Brass Cap: 2000 kPa [290psi] @ 99°C (FSBC20 only, FSBC15 rated to 65°C)
  • Minimum temperature: 1˚C
  • DR (Dezincification Resistant) brass

Flow Chart

Sectional View


Product Codes

FS15 15mm
FS20 20mm
FSBC15 15mm Brass Cap - Hot Water
FSBC20 20mm Brass Cap - Hot Water

Installation & Servicing


  • Refer to Technical Area for installation guide
  • Can be installed in any orientation but is best with filter bowl down for ease of cleaning
  • Do NOT install in the ground
  • Do NOT apply heat near the valve during installation


  1. 1. Turn handle clockwise to close valve
  2. 2. Remove filter bowl
  3. 3. Remove and clean filter
  4. 4. Refit filter, filter bowl and turn on fully



  • Complies with NZ Building Code G12 (2001)
  • Complies with NZS 4608:1992
  • NZ Patent No. 230940, Aust Patent No. 625338

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