• High pressure systems to protect downstream components, e.g. Water filters, drink dispensers, ice makers, coffee machines and reverse osmosis machines.
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • The FM (brass version) is precision machined from high quality N.Z DR brass and nickel plated.
  • Dual checks (FM, FMP, FMP 3/8, FM 1/2) prevent backflow making the valve ideal for reverse osmosis units, fridges with ice makers and coffee machines.
  • The FiltaMate protects water filters by limiting water pressure to the filter (avoiding costly water damage in the house).
  • FMP (acetyl plastic version) has quick and simple John Guest fittings for speedy install.



  • FM
Inlet: 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
Outlet: 8mm 1/4" BSP (female)
Length 97mm
  • FMP 3/8
Inlet 3/8" John Guest connector
Outlet 3/8" John Guest connector
Length 110mm
  • FMP
Inlet 1/4" John Guest connector
Outlet 1/4" John Guest connector
Length 98mm
  • FMBP
Inlet 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
Outlet 1/4" John Guest connector
Length 98mm
  • FM 1/2
Inlet 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
Outlet 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
Length 100mm
  • FM 1/2 F&M
Inlet 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
Outlet 15mm, 1/2" BSP (male)
Length 100mm
  • FM12
Inlet 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
Outlet 12mm John Guest connector
Length 84mm
  • FMSC12
Inlet 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
Outlet 12mm John Guest connector
Length 107mm
  • Flow rate: 14 L/min at 700 kPa inlet pressure
  • Outlet pressures: 350 and 600 kPa +/- 10% @ 1000 kPa inlet pressure.
  • Pressure ratio: 10:1 (for every 10 kPa increase in inlet pressure above 1000 kPa, the outlet pressure will increase by 1 kPa).
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 1600 kPa
  • Maximum temperature: 40˚C (FMP, FMBP, FMSC), 60˚C (FM)
  • Minimum temperature: 1˚C
  • Integral Dual Check Valves (Except FMP350NZ, FM12 and FMSC12).
  • FMP supplied with fixing clip and screw.
  • FMP Acetyl plastic

Product Codes

FM 350 350 kPa Brass/Nickel Plated with Dual Check Valves
FM 600 600 kPa Brass/Nickel Plated with Dual Check Valves
FM 350 1/2 350 kPa Brass with Dual Check Valves
FM 600 1/2 600 kPa Brass with Dual Check Valves
FMP 350 350 kPa with Dual Check Valves
FMP 600 600 kPa with Dual Check Valves
FMP 350 3/8 350 kPa with Dual Check Valves
FMP 600 3/8 600 kPa with Dual Check Valves
FMP 350 NZ 350 kPa without Check Valve
FM 350 1/2 F&M 350 kPa Brass (female, female)
FMBP 350 350 kPa Brass/Plastic with dual check valves
FM12 350 350 kPa Brass/Pastic (No check)
FMSC12 350 350 kPa Brass/Plastic (Includes single check valve)

Installation & Servicing


  • Installation must be carried out by a Qualified Plumber
  • All pipe work must be flushed prior to installation
  • Do NOT apply heat near valve during installation
  • Must be fitted downstream of approved isolating valve
  • Must be installed in the direction as indicated by the flow arrow
  • Must be protected by a line strainer - See Specifications tab
  • Must be installed according to local regulations
  • May be fitted in any orientation
  • Warranty is limited to any fault found in a valve due to poor workmanship or materials that is returned to Apex Valves Ltd within 2 years from the date of manufacture
  • If thermal expansion (due to heating or cooling) or back pressure can occur downstream, an expansion valve must be fitted to relieve the excess pressure build up
Plastic tube: Polyethylene, Nylon and Polyurethane conforming to the tolerances shown below. Do not use soft or thin walled pipe. It is essential that the outside diameter is free from score marks and that the tube be deburred before inserting into the cartridge.   Tube Tolerances Imperial sizes: 1/4 - 1/2"                                               Metric Sizes: 6 - 22mm Tolerances: + 0.001/ - 0.004"                                      Tolerances: + 0.05/ - 0.10

Installation and System Testing

Products should be kept clean and undamaged before use.

All installations must be pressure tested after installation to ensure system

integrity before handing over to the final user. See also “Making a connection”.

Cleaners and Sanitising of Acetal Fittings

The external surfaces of Apex products must not come into contact

with oxidising or acidic cleaners and sanitising agents, for example (but not

limited to) those below pH 4, high in sodium hypochlorite level (bleach) or

containing hydrogen peroxide. Our plastic material suppliers recommend

ECOLAB Oasis 133 as a suitable cleaner for the external surfaces of acetal

products manufactured by Apex.

Several different methods exist for sanitising the internal surfaces of fluid

systems, including sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide

or ozone. It is entirely the responsibility of the end user to determine if the

chosen method is suitable for use with John Guest products over the planned

working life of the system. However, to avoid unnecessary early failure, John

Guest requires that the disinfection solution must be immediately flushed out

at all draw off points with fresh, wholesome water at the end of the disinfection

period. The solution must not be left in the system. Disinfection solutions

must only come into contact with the internal (fluid carrying) surfaces of the

system. If any other surfaces of a fitting come into contact with disinfection


the whole fitting must be replaced immediately.Details of which

products are made from Acetal are shown in our catalogues but generally Polypropylene fittings offer greater resistance

to aggressive chemicals than Acetal fittings. Polypropylene does not have the

same mechanical properties as Acetal.

Product Design

Apex Valves has a policy of continuous research and development and reserves the right to amend without notice the specification and design of all products. Product descriptions and sizes are approximate and Apex reserves the right to supply products which may have minor and negligible deviations from that printed in catalogues etc. (or from products previously supplied).


Whilst we give a warranty against defects in manufacture or materials, it is

the responsibility of the specifier to ensure that fittings and related products

are suitable for their application. The installation must be carried out correctly

in accordance with our recommendations, complying with recognised codes

of practice and relevant national standards, and be properly maintained.

Please refer to our terms and conditions of sale.

Side Loads

Apex products are not designed to be used under side load as this

may adversely affect their ability to function long-term. Always ensure tubes

have good alignment with the fitting. They must also not be subjected to any

form of impact or other damage, such as being hit or dropped, even

accidently. If fittings have damaged or suffered an impact, they should be

replaced immediately. Apex warranty does not cover loss caused by

any form of damage.


The FiltaMate® valve opens and closes automatically every time water is drawn through it. As it is a mechanical device, we recommend that it is replaced every 5 years, or soon in high usage installations.



  • Complies with NZ Building Code G12 (2001)
  • Complies with NZS 4608:1992
  • Australian Watermark Approval AS1357.2 LIC. 02596 (Except FMSC12)
  • Australian Watermark Approval AS2845.1 LIC. 21876 (FM, FM 1/2 and FMBP only)
  • Australian Watermark Approval As 1357.2 LIC. 02596, AS/NZS 2845.1 LIC. 21876 (FM, FM 1/2 and FMBP only)

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