By installing this ANKA product, the Customer acknowledges its acceptance of the terms of this limited warranty in all respects. If for any reason the Customer does not accept the terms of this limited warranty, the Customer should return the ANKA product in its original packaging for a full refund.

ANKA warrants each ANKA product (“Product”) to the original customer (“Customer”) against defects in materials and workmanship. The term of this warranty is two years from date of manufacture, plus shipping time.
This is a parts only warranty. The Customer is responsible for uninstalling and reinstalling the Product. ANKA shall not be responsible nor liable for the cost of field labour or other charges incurred by the Customer in removing and/or reinstalling any Product or part thereof.

To make a warranty claim, the Customer should send contact details to ANKA at the address below. ANKA will contact customer directly and promptly. If the issue can’t be resolved by email or phone discussions, then ANKA will decide whether we need to get the product back for testing. ANKA may instruct the Customer to send the Product to their point of sale.

The Customer shall bear the freight cost to return the Product to the point of sale. ANKA or its authorised agent shall bear the freight cost to ship the Product back ANKA for testing.
ANKA shall fairly evaluate any warranty claim. ANKA stands behind hits products 100% and will replace any faulty product due to manufacturing or material faults, within the warranty period. If for any reason ANKA does not wish to replace the Product, it shall refund the Purchase Price. ANKA’s liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the Product.
Under no circumstance will ANKA be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential losses, costs or damages, including dismantling and re-installation costs, damage to other property and equipment, water loss or water damage.

This warranty is void in any of the following circumstances: (a) The Product has been misused, mishandled, neglected or abused. (b) The Product is not suitable for the Customer’s application. (c) The Product has been improperly installed, operated, repaired, serviced or maintained. (d) The Product has been damaged other than by reason of a Product defect. (e) The Product has been modified. (f) The Product has been connected to other equipment with which it is not compatible. (g) The Product has been used outside its stated specifications, and operating parameters, including specifications and operating parameters relating to capacity, temperature and pressure. (h) The Product has been used for purposes other than for which it was designed. This warranty does not cover damage caused by freezing. It is the responsibility of the customer to please ensure that the product is truly defective under the warranty terms. The Customer should follow the standard trouble shooting procedures. Refer to the technical documentation on the ANKA website. If necessary, contact ANKA for technical support. This warranty applies to ANKA Products only. It does not apply to ancillary equipment over which ANKA has no control. Such ancillary equipment includes, without limitation, other plumbing equipment, pipes, hoses and fittings.

ANKA Products are capable of being used in many different types of applications and operating environments. Therefore, proper selection of a specific Product for a specific application and operating environment, and its compatibility with other equipment to which it is attached, is the Customer’s responsibility. The Customer must assume the ultimate responsibility for the proper sizing, selection, compatibility, installation and operation of ANKA Products. ANKA does not warrant the performance of ANKA Products or their suitability for a particular purpose. It is the Customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of ANKA Products for the Customer’s use.

Installation is entirely at the Customer’s risk. The Customer is responsible for installing the Product in accordance with ANKA’s installation instructions and applicable local codes, ordinances and good trade practices. ANKA accepts no liability for damages resulting from faulty installation.
ANKA accepts no liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages resulting from the Customer’s failure to follow ANKA’s warnings, installation instructions and procedures or such other procedures generally applicable to products of the same type. The foregoing limitation extends to damages to person or property as well as the cost of alternative arrangements and the cost of trades people.
ANKA reserves the right to change or improve its Products or any component thereof without being obligated to provide such a change or improvement for Products sold and/or shipped prior to such change or improvement.

No warranties or representations at any time made by any representative of ANKA Products shall vary or expand the provisions hereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this warranty, being a generic warranty covering all ANKA Products, shall not apply in circumstances where ANKA or its authorised ANKA reseller gives a specific warranty for a specific ANKA Product.
This is an express warranty. ANKA disclaims any other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose, to the maximum extent permitted by law.
Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations or disclaimers of implied or statutory warranties. Some jurisdictions do not allow disclaimers or exclusions of consequential or incidental damages. Therefore, the above disclaimers, limitations and exclusions may not apply in all jurisdictions in which ANKA sells ANKA Products. As to any jurisdiction in which one or more clauses in this warranty are unenforceable, this warranty shall be deemed modified, and the offending clauses amended or removed, but only to the extent necessary to bring this warranty into conformity with the laws in such jurisdiction. The invalidity of any clause in this warranty shall not affect the validity of any other clause.

This warranty gives the Customer specific legal rights. The Customer may have other rights or remedies pursuant to the laws in its territory. Nothing in this limited warranty should be construed as limiting or restricting any other statutory right or remedy of the Customer, except for such limitations or restrictions herein as may be allowed by the law of the territory.
With our policy of continuing product design and development, specifications, code numbers and items are subject to change without notice.

The products in this website are protected by intellectual property rights including patents, registered designs and trademarks owned by Apex Valves Ltd. These registrations cover countries including, but not limited to, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South Africa and many others.

ANKA and its trademarks belong to Apex Valves Ltd.

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